Why WSA?

Soccer is a game you can enjoy for life. Like all sports, the more skill you have, the more enjoyable it is.

World Soccer Academy is dedicated to helping young players develop those skills. Whether you are learning soccer for the first time or have been playing for a few years, we can help develop and improve your skills and build your confidence.

WSA has been providing programs to young players in the Ottawa area for 20 years. Some of our earliest participants have begun to realize their dreams and are playing with professional youth academies in Europe and North America; others have accepted scholarships with colleges and universities. Most, however, simply continue to enjoy the game as players, referees, and even coaches. And for that, we are most proud.

With so many youth soccer programs available in Ottawa, deciding where to play is never easy. Many programs are very expensive and require a lot of driving. At WSA, we understand that. Our programs are offered year-round throughout the city of Ottawa and are designed to fit your family's budget.

Moreover, WSA is the only soccer program in the Ottawa area providing professional coaching for recreational youth players. And academy director Zijo Nistovic is one of the few coaches in Canada with a European professional soccer background working at this stage of early player development.

WSA coaches are knowledgeable and passionate about the beautiful game and enthusiastic instructors. And that stays with our players.

We strive to:

  • Encourage every participant to be active for life - physically, in their community, and in the game.
  • Introduce the concepts of sportsmanship, teamwork, and respect for others.
  • And, most important: have fun.

League Play

Training is fun, but all players ultimately just want to play. Our League Play program offers recreational leagues and/or teams during the Spring, Summer and Fall/Winter seasons when we have sufficient player interest.

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